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“Our fish and coral are used to natural water full of microorganisms and bacteria that just cannot be replicated with mixed salt. Making the move over to natural seawater made such an exceptional transformation within my tank, and my corals are vibrant and growing at a ridiculous pace, whilst my fish appear to be noticeably more calm and comfortable living in captivity.”

NSW Customer: May Morgan

About our Company

We are the market leader in supplying Natural Seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater) throughout the United Kingdom. We supply Natural Seawater to fish stores in the UK, as well as delivering directly to customers’ every day of the week. 

Our business is continuously growing,  as the marine industry is taking acknowledgement of the astonishing effects that our water has in the marine aquarium. Our goal is to be able to provide all aquarists’ seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater) and allow the hobby to grow into a more stable and easy to maintain experience that everyone can enjoy. 

The Natural Seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater)

We pride ourselves on not just being able to supply live seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater) that holds healthy bacteria and microorganisms that allow aquariums to thrive, but also maintaining pristine water conditions for your marine aquarium.

Natural seawater allows for the highest possible water conditions that will encourage both fish and coral to thrive in your marine aquarium. The benefits include an enhanced and very quick cycling process, as the seawater holds over 11 million forms of live bacteria per gallon, that will be absorbed into your rocks and corals, enriching your water to natural conditions. Additionally, seawater is enriched with all the proper and well established solutions such as; Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Cobalt Potassium and Zinc. It will also Maintain a proper pH by providing improved buffering capacity.

Common parameters of our natural seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater) are:

Salinity 34-36 ppt, Nitrates 0-0.9, Nitrite 0, Calcium 400-450ppm, Alkalinity 7.5-8.6dKH, Ammonia 0, PH 8.0-8.3, Magnesium 1250-1350ppm, Phosphate 0-0.05ppm, Silicate 0-0.1.
(Slight changes will occur throughout the year, but will always be within our acceptable benchmarks)


Our Services

Natural Seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater)

Natural Seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater)

Our natural seawater is swimming with millions of tiny microbes, bacteria, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. These fundamental elements are key to developing fish and coral that thrive in the ocean, and this can now be replicated in your home aquarium.

£7.99 per 25 Litres

Water Containers

Water Containers

We use and sell high density polyethylene certified food grade 25 litre plastic containers. These are great for transporting seawater as they will not cause any contaminations and are suitable for stacking, which allows for easy and simple storage.

£8.50 per Container

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

We not only sell natural seawater but also provide a 7 days a week fast and reliable delivery service. We are diverse, and can deliver to suit your needs. Whether its your containers being filled, or your aquarium on a third floor flat being pumped, we will always be able to satisfy your needs. 

We try to make the delivery service as cheap as possible for our customers, for a quote please contact us.


Aquarium Maintenance

Whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or serviced as needed, all of our clients are scheduled in an organized and orderly fashion. We provide information on all fish and coral compatibility, water chemistry, and the components needed to run your system. Factors that will alter our maintenance plans include: tank size, equipment, amount of fish and coral, as well as the involvement of the client.

By choosing Natural Seawater (Sea Water, NSW, Saltwater) Supplier as your maintenance service, you can expect a professional aquarium technician to help make your reef tank experience both convenient and enjoyable. Rest assured, we hand pick all of the healthiest livestock and quarantine them before they are placed in your marine tank. We meticulously track each service, taking note of what was done, livestock and supplies added, as well as any other special measures taken to ensure the health of your marine tank.

Common maintenance requirements are:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly maintenance
  • Commercial and residential service
  • Set-up and installs
  • Removals
  • Fish sitting (while you are on vacation)
  • 24 hour emergency service

Reviews and Feedback

Dave Wildred (15/03/2016)-

“I have been using this water for 4 months now doing water changes every 2 weeks and I can easily say that your fish act so much more peacefully and seem at ease, I have also noticed that my regal tang who constantly got white spot has been free of any illness since I have started using the water.” 

Jay Saxon (02/04/2016)-

“Amazing water never using synthetic again and always tell everyone I know who has marine tanks to use this water. I get my water change each week which takes just seconds as I swap my water container over with the delivery driver which he brings right up to my tank which is on a 5th floor flat” 

Thomas Moore (22/03/2016)-

“Highly recommend this water, i heard about it from a friend and thought i would try it! I honestly cant believe the difference in changing over to nsw my tank has just transformed!!!” Best decision i made my corals look unreal!” 

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